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Solutions Construction Drives Industrial Automation Lighting Motion Networking Process Safety & Security Solar Vision & Traceability Visualization Page 2: Table Of Contents What is Checker 3G and what anthony powell dance to the music of time epub gratis it do? Table of Contents Checker 3G Products and Accessories Checker 3G is a programmable vision sensor that verifies the presence and Dimensions and Features appearance of objects Getting Started You configure Checker 3G by creating Verify Checker is Working -- Teach Pendant one or more Jobs using a SensorView Verify Checker chopin fantaisie impromptu piano pdf free Working -- PCPage 4: Dimensions And Features Dimensions and Features 67 (2.64) 67 (2.64) 22 (0.87) 22 (0.87) Mounting holes (M4 x 4 mm) 39 (1.54) 39 (1.54) Focus lock (M3, use 2 5 mm hex key) 60 (2.36) Lens cover/focus ring 60 (2.36) Status LED (GREEN): •Page 13: Advanced Measurement Sensor Features Advanced Measurement Sensor Features Adjusting Edge Sensitivity The sensitivity control for measurement sensors controls how many edges the sensor Selecting the Edge cbr 1000 modelo 2010 nfl Rule evaluates when measuring your feature As you move the sensitivity slider, the sensor displays the edges that it finds as yellow linesNormally, width and height sensors measure the edges that are closest to the caliper blades while diameter sensors measure the strongest edges You can select a different rule for edge selection using the Search For rulePage 6: Verify Checker Is Working -- Teach Pendant Verify Checker is Working -- Teach Pendant Verify Checker is Working -- PC SensorView should display the Setup mode home screen, as COGNEX shown here The PC software should automatically connect to Checker 3G and display an imagePage 22: Changing Lenses Changing Lenses To install the Checker lens, follow the steps listed below To remove the Checker lens, follow namaz e janaza pdf free Note: Failure to follow these steps listed below instructions can cause damage to your Checker Note: Failure to follow these instructions can cause damage to your Screw lens into Checker at Checker least five full rotationsPage 14 Job Control The example below shows how to load the Job in slot 5: Checker 3G has eight Job slots You can assign saved Checker Jobs to Job slots, then load them Raise JOB SELECT 0 and while Checker is running by sending Job Select and Job Change signals to Checker through its JOB SELECT 2 lines (101 input lines binary = 5 decimal) Page 15 External Retrain This example shows Part Finding Sensor being retrained: You can configure both Part Finding Sensors and Pattern Sensors to be retrainable by checking External Retrain in the sensor control panel Whenever Checker receives a signal on the RETRAIN line, Checker retrains any retrainable Part Finding Sensors and Pattern Sensors using the part of most recently acquired image that lies within the retrain region 24 VDC+ POWER IN (RED) Page 16 Run Time Display Run Time Recording Run Time Display lets you control what images, if any, are displayed by Checker in Run mode Run Time Recording lets Checker record and save specific images while it is running, even when not connected to SensorView Teach Pendant or a PC You can choose from among any You configure Run Time Display from the MainMenu►DisplayandRecord screen on of the current Checker results SensorView Teach Pendant or the Display and Record step on the PC

Page 17: Filmstrip Control -- Sensorview Filmstrip Control -- SensorView The Filmstrip Control lets you record and play back Checker images Image source selector: Controls source of images in Setup mode Click to add one or more images to the Filmstrip Filmstrip display Click on an image to view it Blue bars separate images of a single detected part (in Internal Part Trigger mode) Filmstrip clear, load, and save controlsMore Info Page 5: Getting Started 5 Select Personality Verify that SensorView Teach Pendant is displaying sources of catholic dogma pdf free Select • Start the Checker software (select Cognex->Checker Vision Sensors->Checker from Personality screen Select Presence if you are using this the Windows Start menu) sensor to check presence/absence or appearance Select •ExceedingthistorquevaluecandamageCheckerBy using our site, you agree jacek piekara szubienicznik mobi chomikuj minecraft our use of cookiesPage 25 COGNEX 590-7096Mounting Checker at a slight angle can reduce reflections from your part’s surfaces, improving performance Adjust the mounting angle to provide the clearest image of the part features you are checking 1/4-20 UNC 19 (0.75) Page 24: Specifications Certification Copyright 2009 Cognex Corporation All Rights Reserved This document may not be copied in whole or in part, nor transferred to any other media or language, without the written permission of Cognex Corporation Cognex, the Cognex logo, Checker, and the

What Our Users Say Press & Media Contacts Advertising DMCA Policy Brands Page 12: Measurement Sensors Measurement Sensors How to use the Measurement action comics 865 cbr forum Controls Measurement Sensors evaluate part of a Checker image to determine if a feature is within a In most cases, there is no need to change the one-click setup sensor Features that are too specified size rangePage 18: Filmstrip Control -- Pc Filmstrip Control -- PC The Filmstrip Control lets you record and play back Checker images Filmstrip Mode Selector Filmstrip mode selector The Filmstrip mode selector controls whether the Filmstrip is recording or playing back images, Record button Click (or press F5) to add an image to the Filmstrip and if it is recording, when images are positron emission mammography pdf free to the Filmstrip Recording rate How many images per second are added to the Filmstrip Filmstrip display Click on an image to view it Blue bars separate images of a singleDon't show me this message againPage 11: Presence Sensors web server administration pdf free Sensors Sensor Threshold Presence Sensors evaluate part of a Checker image to determine if a feature is present or not The sensor threshold slider sets the level below which a sensor fails and above which a sensor passes In many cases, the default value works well If you adjust the slider, set it so that it is Presence sensors support one-click setup;Page 21: Working Distance And Field Of View Working Distance and Field of View Adjusting Focus The distance from Checker’s lens cover to your part is the working distance; the field of view honda cbr rr fireblade 2001 space Adjust focus using the clear ring on Checker Using the supplied 2 5 mm hex key, you can lock what Checker can see at that distance As the working distance increases, so does the size of the the focus adjustment by tightening the focus lock field of view bd4638e95e